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Cecilie Giskemo, Maria Jardardottir and Kari Bleivik

Røyst was established in Leeds, England, in 2002 and they perform original music written and arranged by the members of the group. Each member has their very own sound that together creates a unique vocal texture and a varied collection of compositions. Their repertoire represents a versatile mix of influences and music styles, including: contemporary jazz, free improvisation, music of various ethnic origins and Norwegian folk music. Røyst’s music and live performances have been characterized as offering a journey through beauty, humour, challenge and discovery of the voice anew.




Røyst have had the privilege of touring many countries, including Norway, USA, Mexico and Zimbabwe. They have performed with much success at major international festivals like Moldejazz, FUSE Leeds and Harare International Festival of Art, and they wrote commission music for a culture and language festival in Norway in 2005. They also wrote music for a collaboration with Iain Ballamy, Thomas Strønen and the LIMA Sax Quartet, and the project toured in England in 2007. They independently released their debut album ‘Nordic Initiative’ in 2005.

Røyst Trio were finalists at the Tampere Vocal Competition in June 2013, and toured the UK with Laura Cole's Metamorphic that same month to great acclaim.



'Then we were silenced by Røyst, a trio of voices creating harmonies we didn’t even know existed.  What makes them quite so wonderful, is that each of their voices really is VERY different ,and yet they can still blend beautifully. Interlacing complex rhythmic loops (acoustically) with melody and panache, it’s impossible to take your eyes and ears away from these three. ’This Is Sound’ by Kari Bleivik stood out for its melodic flavours, exploring scales and modes alongside rhythmic switches.'

Blue Flamingo, UK, June 2013

’The fiendish arrangements of the songs providing a severe test of each woman’s range and technique[...] There is a simmering power and surging beauty in everything they sing. If you think there’s a strong and totally unapologetic feministic streak to Røyst, you’d be exactly right.’
Vibrations Magazine, UK, December 2008

‘The four charming girls took the audience on an amazing journey that beautiful summers night. Their beautiful voices moved playfully around the old church room, and gave most people goose bumps that more or less lasted the entire concert.’
Valdres Newspaper, Norway, July 10th 2006

‘They mix originals and Norwegian song to make a sound that is rooted in the past, but is undeniably fresh and contemporary[...] The younger crowd might be quicker to notice similarities to the likes of Björk...’
High Plains Reader, USA, July 2004

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