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​A true international trio, they combine the skills of three young artists, each with a distinct personal voice and impressive international performing and recording experience. Haunting, captivating and truly mesmerising, this trio take listeners into a realm of sounds rich in emotion, with impressive improvisations and limitless interaction between musicians.

The initial chemistry at shows and recordings in the UK in 2008 was obvious, and the trio decided to continue their collaboration despite their geographical locations.

The trio draw upon their various cultural influences to create music that conjures up sounds of scandinavian folk music, contemporary improvised music, and a range of jazz, world, folk traditions and ideas.

Their debut album “UNRAVELLING” was released on major Australian jazz label Newmarket Music in 2009 to great acclaim.

"Bleivik's voice, with her tonal purity, suits these pieces and integrates well into the arrangements. Badenhorst contributes substantial ensemble playing and empathetic solos, especially on the rich, warm sounds of bass clarinet in Unravelling, while Foran's piano moves in a fluent timelessness using restraint and subtlety."

John McBeath, The Australian

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